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Video streaming the holidays

video streaming the holiday periodThis time of year can be both filled with joy and sadness if those we love are not able to spend it with us. While you can text, call, or even video call with someone far away, they still can’t experience the holiday like they are there. But they can come close with video streaming.

Live or on-demand streaming is so easy to do that you can give your loved ones the next best thing to being there. Here are some ideas perfect for sharing with video streaming:

Holiday decorating. At our house decorating is a really big deal. In fact, we can’t do anything unless the whole family is there to help. So if decorating the tree, the halls, or the outside are traditions in your family, share the experience by streaming it to those who can’t join you. They may not get to smell the tree or put their special ornament on, but they can share in the excitement and joy of your family as they keep the tradition alive and share it with them. And they can watch it over and over, close their eyes and feel as if they are there too.

Christmas morning. There’s nothing like seeing the joy in people’s faces when they open up the presents we give them. Even hearing a “Thank you” later on, no matter how enthusiastic and heartfelt just isn’t the same. Live stream or record video of every present opened to share with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and anyone else who can’t be in the room when it happens. Send a link to the video and let your family see it all happen firsthand.

Christmas services. Often the most beautiful and moving religious services of the year, these can be live streamed to those who can’t attend. Even a recorded version viewed on-demand would help distant members feel connected at this special time of the year. And those too frail or ill to travel in person can also get benefits from the prayers and blessings seen via online streaming.

Holiday plays. Whether it’s A Christmas Carol, Nativity plays, or something else, theatre productions can be streamed to a greater audience than would normally see them. Grandparents who live far away can see their grandchildren in church or school plays. Other family members can watch those they love perform too. Theatres can find a larger general audience online when they want to increase attendance (beyond capacity) or raise more awareness of their production house.

Special holiday moments. These can be anything special to you and your family. Or they could be a bit mischievous. Set out some mistletoe with a hidden camera and see who you catch sneaking a kiss! On second thought, maybe not. But every family and even organisations have special traditions that can be captured and shared via video streaming. They could be fun, funny, solemn, inspiring, or any number of emotions. All of them are well worth sharing with those that couldn’t make it.

Believe it or not, there’s still time to get set up to stream this holiday. If you want to share it with loved ones far away, your congregation or members just click on our Live Chat and ask us how to get started.

And, as this is the last blog before Christmas, we wanted to say thanks for letting us help you with your online streaming. We hope this is your merriest Christmas of them all.

Oliver Burt

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