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Video streaming #1 influence on small business marketing

Small businesses don’t usually have large marketing budgets so they have to make the most of every pound. That means they’re doing their best to keep an eye out for the most effective ways to market themselves.

And when US business owners were asked to choose the top three trends that would impact their marketing, 51% of them chose video streaming. The Internet of Things (IoT) and messaging apps came in second and third.

video streaming small business marketing

It might be said that small businesses are coming late to the video streaming party.  It’s often perceived as difficult or expensive to do, so small businesses haven’t been able, or haven’t chosen to, make the investment.

But as the cost of video creation and streaming come down, and the technology becomes more accessible, small business can add it into their marketing mix.

Types of video content for your small business

So you’ve decided to add video streaming to your marketing. What types of video content should you create? Should you stream live or on demand? Here’s a quick list of ideas to get you started:

On demand

Video that can be accessed anytime is called on demand streaming. After the video is created, customers can view it whenever they want.  You can use it on your website or social media, in email marketing, and on landing pages.

Product demos – Showing how your product or service works is one of the main content types for business. If you can take it a step farther and create “How-to” videos highlighting how your product solves the problem, you’ll have a powerful combination of videos.

Q&A – Customers always have questions. Why not gather up some questions from customer service or sales and have someone answer them on video? If you have an expert on the topic, then interview that person. For questions about your company, have the CEO, CFO, CIO or answer them. The video will match a face to your brand and let customers know there’s real people behind it.

Testimonials – These are one of your most effective forms of marketing. But written testimonials are potentially still suspect. Video testimonials offer the power of word of mouth referrals and testimonials all in one piece of marketing.

User created – One of the fastest growing trends for businesses is having customers create video for them. You can run a contest for people to submit videos of them using your product to entice them. Or you can just promise to post the best ones on your website and social media. Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame.

Live streaming

When you’re streaming video as it happens it’s called live streaming. It takes a bit more planning to do than on demand, but once it’s done you have another video to add to your on demand marketing videos.

Q&A – As good as an on demand Q&A session can be, imagine being able to do it live. You can take real questions from a Twitter event, ask customers shopping in store, or even a press announcement and question session.

Giveaways – If you’ve run a big contest and are about to award the prize, that is a great moment to be streaming live. Or if you’re having a grand opening at a store or a celebration at a location then share it with all your customers with a live stream. Promote the stream, your business, and make it exciting for everyone.

More than marketing

While the survey only asked about influences on marketing, video streaming can be used in all sorts of ways. You can offer live video support, or stream your business trainings or annual meetings. If you want to know more, check out our market sector pages for ideas or download our special reports. And we’re always here to help answer your questions via live chat, phone or email.

Oliver Burt

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