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Want more video views? Do something funny

Want more video views? Do something funnyI’ve written before about how the videos that move us emotionally usually get the most views. It doesn’t take much. A few playful kittens can get millions of views. So do videos of people jumping off roofs onto trampolines.

What do they have in common? Basically, if someone can smile or laugh at your video, chances are more people will watch. A study by Strata showed the number one reason people watch video ads is because they find them funny (they skip ones that aren’t). The second most popular reason is that the videos are entertaining. I’m not sure where the survey drew the line between entertaining and funny (smile versus a laugh?), but the point is clear. To get more video views, whether ads or otherwise, doing something funny is almost a guarantee of success.

Let’s look at another take on the impact of humour. Neil Patel, writing for, performed an informal survey of 1,000 Twitter users to see what sort of content was shared most often. He looked at the type of content (video, image, text, link, etc.) and the nature of the content (funny, how-to, food, etc.).

Not too surprisingly, he found that text tweets were shared most. Twitter has added images and videos but apparently text still reigns. But the more interesting point, one that ties into what I’m talking about here, is that tweets with humorous images were shared more than other images. A full 62% of the images shared were of funny things. Nothing else even came close (If you care, 9% was food, 7% was travel, and the remaining 22% was everything else bundled together since not one was large enough to call out on its own).

So while Twitter isn’t a model for video creation (not yet anyway), it reinforces the point from the Strata study that being funny is popular. When you make people laugh you’ll get more shares and more views.

Oliver Burt

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