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Wedding Planners: Use Live Streaming to Solve these Five Common Problems

live streaming weddingsWhether you’re planning your own wedding or using a wedding planner for hire, there are times when you need to be creative about how to solve certain obstacles.

And these days, “being creative” can simply mean turning to technology.

At PlanetStream, we know that live streaming technology can help with some of the more tricky aspects of these life events. In this post we share five common problems brides and wedding planners often have, and how live streaming can be a solution.

1. A difference of opinion on how large the wedding should be

Let’s say the bride wants a very small, intimate ceremony with only immediate family members and a few key friends attending. Yet her mother feels she needs to include the extended family and also all of their friends.

One solution is to have the wedding in a quaint place chosen by the bride and groom, and have a second location where the other invitees can witness the vows via live streaming. The two groups can still gather together for the reception after the ceremony. This way no one is left out, yet both bride and her mother get their way.

2. Destination wedding requiring travel

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. They’re fun and very special, but the cost can be enormous when you consider all of the travel involved.

To help avoid the tremendous costs to guests, offer the option of viewing the ceremony live without actually traveling. The wedding party makes the trip to the destination, while the remainder of the guest list gathers in the hometown to watch the ceremony via streaming. This way the wedding can take place in an exotic location without leaving out key family members and friends. Alternatively, the wedding can be live streamed to people individually over the Internet. Or offer both options, so friends and family can watch the ceremony even if they are too far away for a group viewing.

3. Including grandparents, great grandparents and others who are unable to attend the live event

Using live streaming is one way to include the elderly family members or others who may not be physically capable of attending the actual wedding. Virtually any computer, or even tablet, can be used to watch a live stream. It won’t be as good as being there – it never can be – but they will certainly feel included in the event watching it live as it happens.

4. Big guest list, small venue

Say a bride always dreamed of marrying in the quaint little chapel in her home town. But she also wants all of her family and friends to attend the wedding. When the guest list and the venue size are a mismatch, the overflow can be handled using live streaming.  The bride can have her small wedding with family in the chapel and the remaining guest can watch from another location nearby – the reception location, a church hall in the church grounds, or a hotel. Once the ceremony is finished everyone can gather for the reception and celebrate together.

5.  To invite far away relatives, or not invite. That is the question.

Many couples have family members and friends who live overseas and are unable to travel. Whether this includes many or few, you can accommodate them by live streaming the ceremony to them. They too will feel as if they are a part of the celebration, even though they are miles away.

Additional Benefits of Live Streaming…

The additional benefit of live streaming the happy occasion is the ability to record the event and show it to others at a later time through On Demand Streaming. This allows you the opportunity to include those who are unable to attend the live event or via live streaming. Everyone can still see the ceremony, and the couple can enjoy reliving those special moments long after they’ve returned home from the honeymoon.

There are countless numbers of situations where live streaming can save the day, which are only limited by the wedding planner’s imagination.  And it costs much less than you might think.

If you are interested in learning more about using live streaming for weddings, contact us or click here for more information.

Oliver Burt

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