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Youth Media Opportunities

About Us

A key feature of our approach is that of empowerment and ownership. Many of our activities are youth led, whilst guided and supported by industry professionals, experienced tutors and peer mentors. We involve young people in all aspects of our work and the voices of young people are well represented through our Youth Management Committee.

We have received much recognition for our achievements, CYL has won an award for Best Creative Community Group (BBI Southwark) Government New Technology award alongside Lambeth Youth Services for the use of Bluetooth media.  We have also gained a lot of media support/coverage from mediums such as the BBC1 six o’clock news, Channel 5 “Street Crime Live”, ITV “London Today News”, Channel 4 – T4 Orange Rock Corp 2009, Discovery Channel “Psychic Private Eye”, The Sunday Times and the South London Press to name a few.

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Address: Unit 3A, Juno Way, Elizabeth Trading Estate, London SE14 5RW

Telephone: 0208 6919191



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