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Capture More Clients by Adding Live Streaming to Your Event Planning Services

Back in 2011 the Royal Wedding broke records online. Over 72 million people in 188 countries watched it on YouTube alone. And the following year, the BBC had over 106 million requests for its live coverage of the Olympic Games.

Live video streaming is becoming part of our culture. We watch it on the go with our smartphones and tablets. We tune in on our desktops to get more detailed or uninterrupted coverage of events.

As an event planner, your clients are probably asking how they can stream their event live too. The technology behind live streaming has become so simple, it can be done easily for the most intimate to the largest of events.

Here are a few examples of how live streaming can be used in your events:

  • Wedding ceremonies can be streamed to other parts of the country, or the world for that matter, to accommodate relatives and friends who can’t make the trip. They still feel a part of the special occasion and won’t miss out on seeing the groom kiss the bride.
  • Have a sold out crowd? Set up an overflow venue and live stream the event to the second location. No one need miss any part of the proceedings.
  • Build up excitement before a concert by video streaming the preparation leading up to the event. Follow the band members around and show them getting ready for their concert. Make the viewers feel like they are a part of the process.

If you’re planning a commercial or charity event, you can also use video streaming to market your event. The 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report said that video is the top growth area where 76% of the marketers were going to increase their use of video marketing. Video was listed as the number one strategic area where marketers were going to invest more money for social media marketing.

The investment marketers are making also includes video on demand. Events can be recorded as they are streamed live and later used in marketing, or so viewers can enjoy the event in their own time.

These are a few suggestions just to get you started thinking about how live streaming can work in your event business.

And live streaming is simple to do. All it takes is a camera, a computer with the right software, and a streaming service provider. Of course there are many different configurations and options.

But it costs less than you might think. Every event is different, but you can estimate the cost to stream your event if you know these three factors:

  • The quality/bit rate of the broadcast,
  • The number of concurrent viewers and
  • The duration of the broadcast.

And if you don’t know these things, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

We’d like to become your trusted partner

If any of this sounds interesting, here’s how we can help you get started with streaming services.

We’re PlanetStream, a UK based company whose Content Delivery Network offers the latest and fastest live streaming technology. We’ve been in the business since 2003 and understand how to use streaming to captivate audiences through the most current and highest quality video encoding technology.

We’ve long been involved with the Internet in most respects – web development, domain services, hosting, email, and promotion. Over 15 years of experience online gives us perspective and a unique understanding of your needs when it comes to the logistics and technical issues of streaming.

“PlanetStream was introduced to me via an existing satisfied customer…my previous experience in this field was very limited and PlanetStream provided simple to understand options at a value for money cost…PlanetStream has been a truly valuable and effective resource to the business.”

Simon Sullivan, Northcliffe Media Group

“We have worked with PlanetStream on and off for three years now. Jobs have included everything from small events like streaming live meetings to 100 users around the UK, through to live panel discussions with celebrities, delivered on a global basis, with audiences estimated at 100,000. Every time the streaming has been flawless; actually we’ve had numerous comments from users that the streaming is the best they’ve ever seen. Their service is always quick, efficient and pleasant, and their knowledge of all things to do with video via web is comprehensive…I thoroughly recommend PlanetStream for any streaming job, no matter how big or small – great price and a great service. You can’t go wrong.”

Oliver Gaffikin, GlobalPodium

Benefits of using PlanetStream?

As a trusted partner you’ll receive benefits beyond what you’ll find with other providers:

  • Local UK support dedicated to helping you succeed. No more waiting for calls back from a company three time zones ahead or behind you.
  • Full suite of streaming services including on-going support (we never charge additional fees for support)
    – Live streaming
    – Video on-demand
    – Internet TV or radio
    – Secure streaming
  • Free fully customisable player that works across platforms making sure every viewer has the best experience with less configuration and testing on your part
  • A content delivery network with over 30 points of presence across the globe to provide lightning fast delivery of all your content no matter where your viewers are located
  • Help locating a video production team, if you need one, from our video production directory
  • Basic analytics provided with every account, plus the ability to add more as you need more
  • Flexible month to month pricing packages that are easy to upgrade or downgrade as your needs change. Never get locked into a fixed price package again.

Our mission is to help you be successful. If you want us to walk you through each step of the process we will. But if you just need to get your account set up so you can run with it, we’re happy to do that too.

We know our business and love doing it. Our goal is to provide you with exactly what you need at the lowest possible cost. We’ll ensure that your experience is a successful one regardless of how big or small your project is.

Get started today with a free consultation

You can get started today with a FREE consultation including activation of our “Freemium” level account. This includes:

  • 2 GB of combined storage and bandwidth per month
  • Basic analytic package including bandwidth usage, traffic, transfer rates and more
  • Complete support from our local UK streaming experts
  • Low overage rate per gigabyte (if needed)

With our Freemium account you can test out our services and support with no upfront costs for as long as you need. There’s no high pressure sale to get you to upgrade your account later. You’ll continue to get the same service and support for as long as you’re a PlanetStream customer.

When you fill out our contact form, one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours and will provide you with all of the information you need, answer any questions you have and initialise your account.

“I highly recommend the services that you are offering to the market. I didn’t experience any problems at all using your services and the streaming KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] I generated were definitely better compared to the other streaming servers I tried…I can get higher streaming data throughput and the tests are always 100% success!”

Marie, T-Mobile (UK) Ltd.

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