Internet Radio Streaming Services: Get Your Station Up And Running With PlanetStream

No Limits Internet Radio Hosting

We provide you with everything you need to get your Internet Radio Station up and running

It has never been easier to bring your message, or your music, to people everywhere. PlanetStream is here to help you be heard.

Our Internet radio hosting packages are designed for everyone from an indie musician or a bedroom DJ to a standard broadcast station looking to offer a new format to listeners.

Whether you plan on live shows or pre-recorded media, managing and scheduling playlists is simple with our control panel.

No Limits

At PlanetStream you’ll never have a limit on the maximum number of listeners you can have like on some other Internet radio hosting companies. Our infrastructure can handle thousands of concurrent listeners all experiencing the same quality you’ve selected for your streaming.

You can also choose the quality of your stream to fit your needs and budget. A talk show may only need 32 Kbps (bit rate). This is considered low quality for music, but it is sufficient for the spoken word. A music station may choose to use 128 Kbps for a higher quality experience for listeners.

And if ever you go over your estimated plan, it is easy to upgrade to the next level of service.

Once you’ve determined the quality you want, and the numbers of listeners you expect, our Internet Radio packages can help you estimate your cost.

And we’re here to help you with any questions. To get started right away, contact our streaming specialists using the form below or call 01905 672593. Alternatively sign up online for our Freemium account which gives you a totally free PlanetStream account, we don’t even ask for billing details.

If you are thinking about offering podcasts, you can do this using the same account.

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