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Give Your Visitors What They Want

100+ million users watch online video every day. That’s proof that website visitors now expect to find videos for just about everything – how-tos, product reviews, company news, case studies, instruction guides … the list goes on.

Increase Website Traffic When You Host With Us

Why send all your search engine traffic to a public video hosting site when you can have them come directly to you?
Web pages with video properly optimized for search engines will generally rank higher than those without. And if you host your videos with PlanetStream it’ll be your URL appearing in the search results. There’s no need to worry about creating a marketing message to direct people back to your website like you do with public hosting. Or having them decide they would rather watch the latest viral video instead of clicking on your website link.

We support all the major streaming video formats, including…

  • h264 Streaming
  • Windows Media Player
  • Flash Player
  • Microsoft Silverlight

100% Guaranteed Uptime Means Your Videos Are “Always On”

Slow load times and buffering are the bane of any streaming video. Self hosting puts you at risk for server crashes and reputation damaging downtime. Avoid all of these by using PlanetStream’s extensive global content delivery network that provides your viewer with the best possible experience no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Build Video Playlists in Stunning HD

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