Add a New Revenue Stream to Your Business

Resell our Streaming Services to Your Clients

The explosive growth of online video and audio streaming has impacted every type of business that relates to the Internet or media production. Thankfully, the impact is one of additional opportunities.

Web designers, ISPs and media producers are a few examples of the kinds of companies taking advantage of the massive increase in demand for streaming services.

To successfully add streaming services to your repertoire, you need to partner with a streaming service provider who:

  • Has the technical know-how to help you get started,
  • Has a robust infrastructure to meet your client’s needs,
  • Has affordable pricing to keep you competitive in the market,
  • and has great customer service.

At PlanetStream we offer all these in a complete package with all the software and documentation you need in your own branding – a business in a box.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and you’ll soon be adding streaming services to your offering. Or sign up online for our Freemium account and see for yourself what we offer.

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